Chemical Facility Security Awareness


Ideal For:  Workers and/or managers in facilities that use bulk quantities of highly hazardous chemicals.

Duration:  30 minutes



Chemical Facility Security Training – What would happen if criminals or terrorists got their hands on potentially dangerous chemicals at your facility? What if they planted a bomb at your workplace? No one wants to experience the answers to these questions.

Take this course to find out what you need to watch out for and what to do if you discover a security threat.

On completion of this course you will know…

  • You role in keeping the facility secure
  • Common security risks
  • Steps that reduce common security risks
  • Understand that increase threats require increase vigilance and what is involved

Target Audience

Recommended:  All managers & Supervisors working within a secure chemical facility

Optional:               All staff working within a secure chemical facility


On successful completion of the chemical facility security training candidates receive an echo3education completion certificate, available as a PDF for immediate download.  This requires achievement of the required pass mark during the final assessment.

Booking the Chemical Facility Security Awareness course

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Access to the Admin page is granted when payment is received.  At this page you will see each licence that has been purchased is available for assignment.  At this point simply add the email address of candidate(s) you wish to enroll.  Shortly afterwards candidates receive an email containing a link enabling course access.

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