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This online Defensive Driving course provides the knowledge needed to become a safer driver.

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Defensive Driving Course Online | Driving a car is the riskiest thing young people do.  It is the single largest cause of death and devastating permanent injury.  World-wide around 3 thousand people lose their lives every day, well over 1 million a per year.

Most driver education emphasises the risks of driving fast or drinking while driving but doesn’t aim to generate caution in a drivers mind.  The level of caution we have naturally evolved for large falls or predators.  

Helping you apply the appropriate level of caution while driving is the goal of this online Defensive driving course.  You will understand how to anticipate hazards rather than simply reacted to them.  By adopting this mindset your time on the road will be safer for you, your passengers and other road users.

Learning Outcome

In this short and engaging online course, driver safety expert Vicky Lovell takes you on a commentary drive and highlights defensive driving advice based on C.O.A.S.T. (Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time) to develop your defensive driving mindset.

You will learn

| What Defensive Driving is

| Why it is important

| The safe driving choices in some specific situations

Defensive Driving Accreditation

Defensive Driving Course Content

| What is Defensive Driving?

| Why this course is important for you

| Introducing C.O.A.S.T

| What affects concentration?

| Observation exercise

| Commentary drive (video)


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Ideal For

All drivers.  

Anyone who drives as part of their job.  You, or someone you manage, may not have undertaken any further driving instruction since passing the initial driving test, despite driving likely being the most hazardous part of the working day. Safer drivers mean lower risks to you, your employees, their passengers, other road users and your brand.

What is included in this Defensive Driving course online?

| 40 minutes of instruction led by Vicky Lovell

| Final assessment to evidence learning

| CPD-accredited: 4 CPD credits

| Emailed certificate (£5 for posted version)

| Digital badge to display on your website, CV or Linkedin profile

| Bulk licence discount

 Defensive Driving Certificate

Defensive Driving


| Minimum 80% pass mark of final short assessment 

| Assessment may be retaken if required 

| Certificate emailed on completion

| Option to purchase hard copy

Email: | Tel: 0131 661 8253

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