HSE Certificate


This HSE Certificate online course is designed to develop an understanding of how to manage the health and safety of staff, sustainably.

Duration  |  40 minutes


HSE Certificate Online | HSE refers to Health, Safety and the Environment.   Every business, regardless of size, have legal, moral and ethical duties with respect to HSE.  For example, they must assess the risk to people from work activities.

In short, this course will introduce you to procedures that are needed to manage HSE in the workplace, in a compliant way.



IOSH Working Safely  |  IOSH Managing Safety   |  NEBOSH General Certificate

Main Learning Outcomes

  • |  Key Legislation
  • |  Employer responsibilities
  • |  Employee responsibilities
  • |  Effective HSE policies

HSE Course Content

UNIT 1  |  Legislation

Employer’s responsibility; Employee responsibilities

UNIT 2  |  HSE basics

What is HSE; Policies; 

UNIT 3  |  HSE activities

HSE Inspections; Fire & Emergency; Environment and waste management

Ideal For

Anyone greater awareness of HSE; Office managers; Facilities Managers; Aspiring HSE Mangers; Safety Committee Members; Managers of staff

HSE Certificate

As a result of achieving 80% or more in the final 15 question assessment.  Learners are emailed their HSE Certificate in PDF format.   Furthermore, the assessment can be retaken.

What is HSE?

Firstly, health refers to protect people from ill-health at work.  Because it is responsible for more deaths each year than accidents.  For example ill-health from asbestosis in a building site or back pain from computer work.

Secondly, safety means protecting people from injury from accidents.  F0r example, falling from hight.

Finally, the environment aspect of this course looks at our obligation to protect the environment from pollution and waste.

Applicable legislation

The HSE Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees  and anyone affected by their work, so far as is reasonably practicable.  To clarify, this means balancing the level of risk against the measures needed to control the risk in terms of money, time or trouble.

The management of Health & Safety at work regulations build on the HSWA to include a duty on employers to assess risks (including slip and trip risks) and take action where necessary.

Health and Safety good sense: http://www.hse.gov.uk/business/business-benefits.htm

Employer’s Duties

Your business is legally and morally obliged to provide a safe place of work for its workers.  For example, safe access to and from the workplace.  Secondly, providing safe plant and equipment.  Thirdly,  setting up safe systems of work.  And making sure workers know what they should be doing.

In addition, all employers must provide all staff with the correct personal protection equipment.   And provide appropriate training and supervision.  In addition employers must work with staff on health and safety issues.   For instance, providing information and making sure everyone’s view is taken into account.

Employee’s Duties

Employee must play their part in keeping themselves and others safe at work.  For example, using equipment safely.  Reporting any accidents, problems or unsafe situations to your supervisor.  Thirdly, cooperating with training.  And, using the correct Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE.

Booking HSE Certificate course

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