NEBOSH National General Certificate


The NEBOSH General certificate is the worlds most popular health & safety management qualification.  This NEBOSH training is an online self-pace course. 


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We can supply the online NEBOSH General Certificate course from a number of leading suppliers.  Ensuring you get the right training for you.

This page offers, everything you need to know about NEBOSH Certificate level qualifications.

NEBOSH offer worlds most recognised health & safety qualification.  Held by more than 400,000 individuals.  NEBOSH it is seen as the pre-eminent safety qualification by many of the worlds largest employers.

The goal of NEBOSH is to raise the competence of safety and environmental professionals.

The ‘certificate’ level qualification takes around 2 weeks of study time and is aimed at providing foundation level knowledge for managers and supervisors at the start of a dedicated health and safety career. 63 certificate level NEBOSH qualifications available.

‘Award’, ‘Diploma’ and ‘Masters’ level NEBOSH qualifications also exist.  The benefit of which depend on your budget, business requirements and personal aspirations.

What is the pass rate?

As of June 2018 the pass rate for the NEBOSH Nation General Certificate was around 50%.  To pass learners needed to pass each of 3 separate modules.  However, the NEBOSH assessment has recently been updated.  Criticism was levelled at NEBOSH exams because of their focus of assessing knowledge retention over practical skills.  For example, legal dates, rather than the ability to show an understanding of how to undertake and effective risk assessment and implement the findings.

How long does a NEBOSH Certificate take to complete?

It takes 68 hours of formal study time to cover the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus.  Most learners would also need around 40 hours of self-study time on top of this.  Once you have acquired the knowledge seperate to our offer you need to register for the NEBOSH exams which take place every 3 months.  So it is sensible to plan to start an online course 3 or 4 weeks before an exam starts.  So the information is fresh when the exam takes place.

Most classroom NEBOSH courses are timed to conclude face-to-face training shortly before exams take place .

How is the course assessed?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is now assessed in a 2-step process.

  1. A 2 hour question paper monitored by NEBOSH examiners. Exams take place every 3 months.  You will have to make your way independently to an exam venue.  Exam costs are separate from training.
  2. A 3 hour practical risk assessment.

What is the cost?

NEBOSH relies on a global network of learning providers to deliver their syllabus.  Each provider is free to set their own prices but must pay NEBOSH a fix rate for each learner.  Typically online NEBOSH Certificate Courses are around £300.  Distance Learning is where the training provider will post you their learning materials.  Here the course is around £300 too.  For a classroom course costs will be £600 to £850 + VAT.  But you do get lunch each day.

Remember also the listed price is for an online NEBOSH GENERAL CERTIFICATE excludes the exam fee.  Add £120 or so for that.  Most classroom training providers will book your exams for you and add this charge on top.  It is more convenient for you.  Online providers may not book your exam so you’ll need to check that.

Echo3education are not a NEBOSH Learning partner.  Our focus is providing educational solutions that reduce risks to your staff .   NEBOSH will tell you about implementing safe systems of work.  Our training provides an effective system that includes assignment, certification and real-time monitoring.

However, we are happy to offer independent advice on various NEBOSH training options.  Through our contacts more often than not, when asked, we are are able to offer improved or cheaper NEBOSH solutions.

To search a list of currently available NEBOSH courses go here

Some of the main NEBOSH training partners are listed below.  Many some won’t list their prices.  Once you have a price you’re welcome to call.  We may be able to help get you even better value.

Email: [email protected]  |  Tel: +(44) 131 6618253