Office Induction


This course provides all the health & safety knowledge staff need when beginning a new office role.

90 Minutes


Office Induction Course Online | The management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 require all employers to provide adequate health and safety training to all employees.  That together cover all the main regulations relating to office safety.

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COURSE 1 | Office Safety – 30 minutes

Safety Legislation, Employee Responsibilities, Safe working around common office hazards

COURSE 2 | Display Screen Equipment – 50 minutes

Causes of ill-health, DSE Assessment, Correct Workstation setup

COURSE 3 | Move More at Work – 30 minutes

Risks of sedentary working, How much movement you need, Tips to achieve correct activity levels in an office.

COURSE 4 | Fire Safety – 50 minutes

Learn who to reduce the risks from fire in the workplace and what to do in the unlikely event a fire occurs.


On successful completion of each module learners will be emailed their completion certificate.  Employers can use this certificate to evidence that required training has taken place.

Office Induction Course



This Office Induction course is specifically designed for anyone, at any level, who is beginning a new office job.


This objective of this course is to keep your new office employees both safe and healthy so they can be their most effective for your business. The course helps keep staff SAFE by giving them and understanding of the hazards, such as fires, and what to do.  For example, be aware of fire exits and ensure they are kept clear.  To keep staff Healthy we look at the 2 most common causes of absenteeism in the workplace.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and Stress.  MSDs account for over 30% of lost working days among office staff.  The general term refers to any muscle of limb disorders.  In an office they usually occur as a result of poor posture or lack of movement.  So the Display Screen Equipment module shows staff how to set up their workstation correctly to minimise these risks.  The Move More at Work course highlights the importance of achieve at least 1 minute of movement every hour.

Stress is a complex issue.  It can be hard to determine the cause.  It is clear that employers have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect the health of their staff.  It is also clear that achieving more movement in our working days helps to reduce stress.  Hence the inclusion of the Move More at Work module


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