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| Sometimes it just has to be *Right* |

  • We have a combined sum of 3 decades experience in researching, developing and building richly interactive, engaging learning content.  Building comprehensive solutions for Higher Education, Industry and the third sector.

  • Every company is unique, with its own particular training needs. With echo3education you get an experienced team, always passionate about delivering the best learning outcomes for your needs. Bespoke courses start at £900 + VAT.

| Areas of expertise |

  • Game Informed Learning

    Everyone knows about gamification – we also know its more than a game Read more.

  • Instructional Design

    Subject matter brought alive with techniques underpinned by research Read more.

  • Narrative and Consequence

    Without context and belief in the scenario, there is no real engagement

  • Interaction

    We program a full range of interactions, prompts and activities. Enjoyable and effective!

  • Assessment

    There is so much more available to deploy than MCQs

  • Mobile

    Our developers are working with GPS technology to position your training. Exactly.