Building Information Modelling


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Learn the fundamentals of building information modelling in this short online course.

Duration |45 minutes

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Business Information Modelling

This online Building Information Modelling (BIM) course.   provides and understanding the methodology which is concerned with the collation and management of information relating to a construction projects.

This course will provide learners with an awareness of BIM methodology, the technology and its application.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for any building designers or commercial contractors.


On successful completion of the Introduction to BIMs course candidates receive a completion certificate available as a PDF for immediate download.  This requires achievement of the required pass mark during the final assessment.

What is Business Information Modelling?

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modelling.  BIM can be summarised as a methodology which is fundamentally concerned with the collation and management of information relating to a construction project, manipulated through a 3D awareness of inter-relationships between objects and their associated data. In practical terms, what this means is that a virtual building model is developed and information is collated from manufacturers or through the traditional decision-making process of design.

This model is analysed, tweaked, tested and revised, before a full-scale replica is built on site. So we build everything twice – once in the virtual world and then again in the real world. Technically, BIM methodology could be applied using a pencil and a spreadsheet application, and it could equally apply to road, rail and infrastructure, or in fact to the management and maintenance of existing facilities. BIM has to relate to a Building project. It should be rich in non-graphical Information; and it should be built with reference to a 3D Model

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