This online AGT course is designed to meet the initial training and validation requirements for personnel preparing to work as Authorised Gas Testers (AGT), using a variety of products and exposed to different work environments.  A certificate is emailed on successful completion. 

DURATION | 180 minutes

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This AGT course has been designed to meet the initial training and validation requirements for personnel preparing to work as Authorised Gas Testers (AGT), using a variety of products and exposed to different work environments.

An Authorised Gas Tester is required when performing a test for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases, and working in confined spaces. Also, for those involved with testing for flammable gases in preparation for hot work, and for personnel who provide safety watch duties for the ongoing monitoring of a hot work site.

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Course Objective

This online Authorised Gas Tester (AGT) training course is to provide you with a brief background of the requirements of Gas Testing procedures and the Confined Space Entry procedure.

In addition, provide you with an overview of the roles and responsibilities involved in Gas Testing, and enhance your knowledge of basic hazard management of oxygen enriched / deficient, toxic and flammable gas atmospheres.

On completion of this course you will have improved your competency and ability to identify hazardous environments that may be Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health, and also determine the associated risks in the work place during pre-work site inspections. 

Course Content

UNIT 1 | Authorised Gas Tester

In UNIT 1 we will look at what gas testing is, and the role of the Authorised Gas Tester (AGT).   This module will provide you with the necessary understanding of what you need to know when working within confined spaces, along with information about the types of flammable and toxic gases you may encounter.

UNIT 2 | Confined Space Test

In UNIT 2 we define the roles of the key people involved in Confined Space Entry, and focus on the hazards these people can encounter when carrying out work in confined spaces. In addition, we will discuss how different gases behave,

UNIT 3 | Gas Monitoring before and during hot work activities

In this unit we will look at  what hot work is, and the roles and responsibilities of the different personnel that may be involved in gas monitoring hot work activities.

UNIT 4 | Testing for flammable gas in preparation for hot work

This UNIT provides an understanding of what type of activities you may carry out, and the types of hazards you may encounter during these activities. In addition, this module will provide you with the knowledge and guidance on the procedures you should follow when carrying out gas tests, and how to handle the equipment in order to carry out the test safely and efficiently.

UNIT 5 | Quiz

AGT Certificate

After completing this online Authorised Gas Tester course learners are emailed their certificate.  Completion requires achieve 80% or more in the final assessment.

The AGT certificate is valid for 3 years. A hard copy of the AGT certificate can be purchased separately.

Authorise Gas Tester Certificate


  • Quick and cost-effective first aid training
  • Includes AGT Certificate
  • Unlimited retries
  • Carbon Negative Product

Carbon Offset Certificate

What are the risk from gasses?

The risk of incidents involving gas occurs across the international oil and gas industry, particularly when working in confined spaces or during hot work. According to Oil & Gas UK, Hydrocarbon releases (HCRs) were the single largest category of reportable incidents (37%) in 2018.

The knowledge gained in this course will help you understand how, when and where to carry out the necessary gas tests prior to confined space entry activities. Having the accurate knowledge to ensure that atmospheres are safe for hot work or work activities in confined spaces, gives you the skills to positively contribute to the safety of the asset, your fellow workers and yourself. A reduction in incidents means a safer working environment for everyone.

What must Authorised Gas Testers Know?

For any environment encountered, knowledge an AGT needs includes;

  • The hazardous gasses that could be present
  • The behaviour of each gas.  Eg, lighter than air or heavier than air
  • The levels at which gasses are dangerous
  • The appropriate gas detection equipment to use
  • Where to appropriately position gas detection equipment
  • How often to re-check gas levels (gas test frequency).
  • How to calibrate and maintain gas detection equipment.  (Example, see bump test safety alert 2020)
  • Site safety procedures (safe systems of work).
  • How to wear appropriate PPE
  • The correct gas test order
  • How to obtain a representative sample, rather than testing in one place


If you have any questions about this online AGT training please email [email protected] or call us on 0131 6618253

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