Echo3 Education LTD was founded in 2016 to provide organisation with a cost-effective platform for providing staff with high quality health and safety training. 

Our accredited courses cover best-practice guidance from the UK Health & Safety Executive.  Employee responsibilities are communicated in an engaging way with clear language so your staff will know how to contribute to a safe, healthy and productive workplace. 

Each course culminates in a knowledge check with completion certificate to help ensure you meet both training and record keeping requirements. 

Rated 'Excellent' by over 800 company & learner reviews, prices start at only £3.50 per course.



Choose from a wide variety of courses, covering all the common workplace hazards.   

On completion your staff will be aware of the risks and know how to minimise those risks to keep themselves and others safe.

They'll also receive an emailed certificate which are also stored for administrators to download for the duration of the certificate validity. Typically 3 years.


We can edit our online courses to match the needs of your risk assessment.

For example add into our Fire Safety course details of your own muster point(s) and emergency procedures.

By blending core content with your needs we offer a provide cost effective & quick course development workflow.


We offer 2 platforms depending on your requirements. echo-3.co.uk is a classic email-based platform while e3hse.com offers credit-based access to all courses.

You also have the ability to enrolment without email address in a couple of different ways.

In both cases reporting can be configured to your needs.


Adopting online learning can be a big step.  So finding the right training partner for your business can be a big advantage.  So we are happy to discuss the requirements you have and give you our best advice.  We understand our solutions aren't right for every business, so are happy to just present your options and set you on the right course. 

So if you have any thoughts, ideas or queries about how online learning may assist your business give us a call.

0131 661 8253