GDPR Awareness

Duration | 45 minutes



GDPR Awareness eLearning course | If you store data that can be used to recognise an individual, then then your business has a legal and moral duty to keep that data safe.  On the 25th May 2018 the EU introduced GDPR legislation which details measures your business must take to protect data.

This course has been designed to provide an awareness of the legislation so that your staff know both the importance of keeping data safe, and how to keep that data safe.

On completion of this course you will know:

| The objective of the GDPR 

| Definitions and Principles of the GDPR 

| How to comply with GDPR in your business

| Legal Obligations

| How to transfer data out of the EEA

| Data Controller Obligations

| Reporting Breaches

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eLearning custom range

This GDPR awareness course is part of our custom range.  Learning is better when it is relevant.  Due to the broad nature of GDPR legislation our online course has both generic and bespoke content.  The bespoke content is crafted following consultation with our team to ensure that content is tailored to your specific storage and client data needs.

The bespoke GDPR awareness course is usually available with 4 weeks.  This GDPR awareness eLearning course can either be hosted on our LMS or your existing LMS system.

For further details please email [email protected]


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