Move More at Work


Created for all employees to help create healthier workplaces, this course educates the importance of getting sufficient movement into your working day and how to achieve this while remaining productive.  Certificate emailed on completion. 


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CPD Accreditation

Move More at Work

Productivity can be increase if staff sit less and stand more.  According to a study by Loughborough University (11th Oct 2018) with the support of the NHS.

Sedentary behaviour is common amongst desk-based workers.  But, most DSE training does not cover the associated risks in detail.  On the other hand, this training will help your workforce be engaged and healthy.  As a result, you will have fewer absences and greater productivity. 

Also consider, sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity are linked to a variety of health conditions.  For example;

  • MSDs
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Some forms of cancer

In fact, the World Health Organisation identifies insufficient physical activity as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality.

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Course Objective

Help employers benefit from more productive, healthier workforces. But, without the expense of sit/stand desks.

Course Content

Section 1   | Physical Inactivity & Health

Firstly, we raise the awareness of the health risks associated with physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour.

Section 2  | Sedentary Behaviour

Secondly, we explain how sedentary behaviour differs from inactivity.  And, raise awareness of the risk of sedentary behaviour.

Section 3  | Increasing Activity and Movement at Work

Finally, a range of free or low-cost methods of introducing more movement in the workplace are presented.  Consequently, health can be safeguarded and productivity boosted.

Move More at Work Certificate

Learners require 80% or more in the final 10 question assessment to complete the course a PDF certificate will be emailed.  In addition, they receive Movements Tips and Desk-based stretching exercises.  Plus a CIEHF and CPD accredited certificate.

Move More Certificate

Move More Certificate


Move More at Work is the FIRST online course to be awarded accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF).

CIEHF Assessor Feedback

An excellent and comprehensive e-learning course developed by an experienced team. The material is visually engaging.  With practical ideas/examples given for the workplace.  The style of learning and access to online materials will suit the work environment.” 

Instructional Design

Participants identify positive actions they can commit to in order to move more at work.  Therefore, combating the ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle.  Furthermore, tips to move more and desk-based stretching exercises are available to download on completion. 

The Move More at Work course follows the idea of social constructivism.   To clarify, our virtual teacher, Echo, speaks directly to the learners.  Above all, she encourages candidates to apply ideas to their own individual contexts.  (Full Article)


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  2. E.G. – The UK health and safety executive is tackling ill health (READ MORE @ HSE.GOV.UK).  In short, the key element is early prevention.  Because it is more effective than trying to intervene later.  When a person is suffering from serious ill health.
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