Workplace Safety


This online Workplace Safety training provides staff with the knowledge needed to work safely.

This online course helps employers to create a safer workplace and comply with safety regulations

45 mins (approx.)

Certificate valid for 3 years.

Accredited Office Safety Course

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Firstly, the online Workplace Safety training course is designed to provide your staff with a clear understanding of how to work safely.

Secondly, the Workplace Safety course helps employers cover mandatory training required by legislation that relates to safety at work.

The course explains WHY working safely is important, and how it can be achieved  and provides basic information on HOW to work safely and effectively.

The training culminates in the 10 question multiple choice quiz.  On successful completion a PDF certificate will be emailed.

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Section 1 | Introduction to Health and Safety

  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Fire
  • First Aid
  • Accident Reporting
  • Hazards that keep most people from work

Section 2 | How to Work Safely

  • Risk Assessments
  • Employee Responsibilities

Why choose this Workplace Safety course?

The UK Health & Safety legislation requires employers to take all ‘reasonably practicable’ steps to ensure the health and safety of both staff and non-employees.

Enforcement action can range form of improvement notices to criminal prosecutions.  At the same time, the policy making and enforcement body the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  recognises the issue of a growing disproportionate, adverse attitude to the risks which we all face as a normal part of life.  This can lead to an over zealous application of safety guidance which results in confusion, contradiction, inefficiency and unmerited expense.

The key to workplace safety is striking the right balance between the level of risk and appropriate control measures.   This is usually achieved by carrying out an effective risk assessment.  One of the most effective control measure is staff training.  In some aspects of workplace safety training is mandatory.

This 30 minute online course is designed to provide employers with a common sense ‘reasonably practicable’ solution to creating a safer workplace, helping compliance, while at the same time not going over the top.

This online Workplace Safety training helps staff to recognise and understand their role in keeping your workplace safe, not only for themselves but anyone else affected by your business.

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