Get moving – Top 7 reasons to outsource e-Learning

Echo3 are a full service e-learning agency. We work in partnership with you as an extension of internal corporate teams to produce innovative and specialised commercial learning solutions.  Solution align to your organisation’s unique brand and culture, and are tied to strategic & commercial business objectives. Whether your organisation is looking to develop new remote markets, enable remote access to your content, or leverage your knowledge capital in the digital age , we can help.

1. Specialised expertise

Working with an Echo3 gives you access to a full suite of dedicated e-learning experts that focus solely on creating the best in modern digital learning. When you partner with us, you have access to a team with a wide range of specialised skills and capabilities to deliver on any project need while staying within a limited budget.

2. Organisational focus

Have your people focus on the learning strategy and outcomes since they know your business best, and Echo3 can extract great content to turn into remarkable, effective and beautiful online learning.

3. Be ahead of the curve

Partnering with us allows you to leverage best practices in emerging technologies and trends. Top-notch e-learning development companies are always pushing the envelope on innovation, which helps your organisation prevent becoming stagnant with your learning solutions. Utilise fresh perspectives, a deep understanding of the functionality and capabilities of new technology and stay on the edge of the latest frontier in corporate learning excellence.

4. Depth of experience

Outsourcing allows you access to instructional design and learning experts who have worked with top-tier brands at the fraction of the cost and with no long-term commitment. Take advantage of your e-learning partner’s best practices and case studies with other clients; allow your organisation to overcome common obstacles by capitalising on their depth of experience.

5. Lower risk

Echo3 will build your business high quality content at cost, typically around 20% of what you could expect to pay with a standard bespoke content solution.  Because guarantee to keep your content up to date with legislation we also lower the risk that you eLearning training should fall foul of HSE or industry updates which can be an issue when learning objectives are based on factors external to your company.

6. No ongoing often unforeseen costs.

Annual Hosting fees, updating content, supplying/bespeaking and LMS are just a few ways eLearning companies can milk their clients down the line and make what initially seemed to be a great training investment… well slightly less so.  At Echo3 down there like there is only revenue.  All associated costs are deducted from revenue generated from the sale of your content.

7. More revenue

We know how to make eLearning pay for example we understand that first and foremost its quality not quantity that counts .  Partner with us to gain access to our experience and skill to maximise the return in your online training.

To discuss any of the points above or talk to us to learn how we can help you please get in touch.  [email protected]