Bridging Activities

Echo3 are developing Bridging Activities that administrators can easily add on to our courses without any additional cost.

Muster Point Bridging Activity

What is an Echo3 Bridging Activity?

Once participants finish an online Echo3 course Administrators have the option to add a selection of Bridging Activities.

For example, at the end of the Fire Awareness course learners can be asked to go to one or various locations. Such as their Fire Assembly point, Fire Alarm Call point or a specific type of Fire Extinguisher.

If the learner completes any of these activities it will be recorded on their certificate. Their certificate will still be available if they are not completed unless marked ‘mandatory’.

The goal of Bridging Activities is to not just training knowledge like conventional online courses but also train experience.

This means staff receive a better overall training experience.

How to Bridging Activities Work?

At the end of the course learners can complete any active bridging activities. They simply click each icon and follow the video instructions.

Bridging Learner View

We create standard video instructions.

We are developing new activities all the time to enhance our courses.

At the moment the Fire Awareness course features 5 activities. At each location the learner is asked to scan a QR code and enter this code into the course. This is how they pass the activities. There is no need to login with their phone but the do need a camera to load the webpage associated with the QR code.

Fire Awareness Bridging Activities

• Muster / Fire Assembly Point
• Fire Alarm Call Point
• Visit Fire Warden
• Find a Fire Door

Once Bridging activities have been completed this is reflected on the learners certificate.  Evidencing the activities have been completed.


Can Video Instructions be customised?

Yes. We create standard video instructions, but they can be customised to suit your specific workplace. For example

Contact us for details ([email protected]).

What other courses will get Bridging Activities?

We are developing Bridging Activities for;

DSE Awareness
First Aid
Food Hygiene
Hazardous Substances

We will also make custom activities on request.

Feel free to contact us for more details ([email protected])