Stretching exercises at work

Desk Stretches PDF

If you have a desk-based job doing simple stretching exercises can be helpful to your health.  

But what stretches at work, work? 

So we’ve added below a Desk Stretches PDF available for download that you are welcome to share with colleagues to help them get the right amount of movement into their working days.  

Stretching at work will help staff tackle health risks associated with sedentary behaviour. On the surface this may seem trivial, but health risks associated with physical inactivity are a leading risk factor for death worldwide.  

Stretching exercises at your desk are one way to achieve more movement into your working day.  Our Move More at Work course offers 16 other tips to help get staff moving at work.  

So if you employ staff and want to spread a message about the importance of getting the right about of physical activity take a look at our accredited course online course Move More at Work which achieves just that.  

Desk Stretches PDF
Desk Stretches PDF