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Online Forestry First Aid +F course to complement EFAW or FAW training.  Work environments that necessitate +F training are often remote from medical aid, with limited help available.

90 mins (approx.)

Forestry +F Accredited course

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Forestry First Aid +F onlineThis online Forestry First Aid +F training course is ideal for those who work or intend to work in a forestry, arboriculture, agricultural or remote environment, such as harvester operators and farmers.

Our Forestry First Aid +F course cover special hazards that existing in remote forestry environments.  These include severe chainsaw cuts, crush injuries, hypothermia and Lyme disease.

Work environments that necessitate +F training are often remote from medical aid, with limited help available, so this course also looks at some of the key considerations of emergency planning and communication and is informed by Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) guidance.

This training is designed to supplement a First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certification. 

Your FAW or EFAW training will have taught you how to provide first aid response to a range of common injuries and illnesses. In addition to these, there are some particular first aid emergencies that you may face when working in remote areas, and with high risk equipment. For example, forestry often involves working at height. If an accident happens, the casualty’s injuries can mean they’re trapped and need aerial rescue or have fallen and have head and spinal injuries.

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is online First Aid at Work appropriateYou should check with your employer if you are in doubt as to whether this course is appropriate for your job role.

Employers have a duty to provide employees with appropriate training.  This starts with undertaking a First Aid Needs Assessment to determine the correct training for any give job role.

If you are a contractor working for a bigger organisation, you need to check first with ‘duty holder’ whether an online Forestry First Aid +F course is appropriate for their working environment.

Situations where an online Forestry First Aid +F course may be appropriate can include.

  • Employers or the duty holder have deemed it ‘appropriate’ following a first aid needs assessment.
  • As a refresher
  • As part of a blended training programme that includes practical training
  • When working remotely in relatively low-risk roles.


Course objectivesForestry First Aid +F courses (EFAW+F or FAW+F) are considered the industry standard for those working in the forestry sector.  Increasingly, it is also becoming a requirement for anyone working in other agricultural or wilderness environments.  This Forestry First Aid +F training supplements existing FAW or EFAW certification.

Informed by Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) guidance, this +F training addresses Forestry Commission recommended topics such as crush injuries, catastrophic bleeding and hypothermia.

Note: This course provides the knowledge and understanding required to respond to a range of first aid emergencies. It is highly recommended that you also undertake practical training to ensure you are well-practiced and confident in the application of the first aid techniques discussed.


  • learning outcomesDevelop understanding of emergency planning and communication
  • Know how to respond to a medical emergency in remote and hard to reach environments
  • Know how to get specialist help to a casualty as quickly as possible
  • Learn how to recognise and treat a range of injuries, including catastrophic bleeding, crush injuries and spinal injuries
  • Learn how to recognise and treat a range of environmental medical emergencies, including hypothermia, Lyme disease and insect bites


Echo3 course contentUnit 1  |    Emergency planning

In this first unit we will look at the importance of forward planning to prepare you to respond to a first aid emergency. This includes risk assessment, planning to evacuate a casualty, emergency communication and first aid equipment.

Unit 2  |    Emergency response

In this second unit you will learn how assess the environment around a casualty. We look at the immediate steps you should take when helping a casualty, as well as how to continue supporting them as you wait for medical help to arrive. Finally, we discuss the need for first aid consideration for hazards specific to a forestry and/or remote environments.

Unit 3  |    Managing catastrophic bleeding

A traumatic injury resulting in catastrophic bleeding requires fast action, and it requires the right action. In this third unit we look at how to recognise and treat catastrophic bleeding. We explain how applying pressure can stem bleeding. We also explore how to use tourniquets and haemostatic dressings. Finally, we explain after care and how to deal with shock. 

Unit 4  |    Recognising and responding to injury

Next, in unit four we look at how to recognise and respond to a range of injuries, including amputation, crush injuries and head and spinal injuries.  These types of injury can often be immediately life-threatening, and both quick thinking and quick action are required.

Unit 5  |    Environmental hazards and illnesses

In addition to accidental injury, a range of specific environmental hazards can result in a medical emergency in forestry, agricultural or other remote environments. These include extreme hot or cold conditions, as well as illness as a result of insect and snake bites. In this unit we explore first aid response to these environmental hazards.

Unit 6  |    Course Assessment

Finally, you progress to the 15 question multiple choice quiz.


At the end of the online Forestry First Aid +F course is a 20 question multiple-choice assessment.  When learners can demonstrate their understanding of the course syllabus by achieving 80% or more we will email the certificate.

This course is CPD accredited.

The Forestry First Aid certificate is valid for 3 years.



Who is this course for?This Forestry First Aid +F online training course is ideal for those who work or intend to work in a forestry, arboriculture, agricultural or remote environment, such as tree surgeons, harvester operators and farmers.

Anyone wishing to work on Forestry Commission land must undertake Forestry First Aid +F, in addition to First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW).  Forestry First Aid +F training can be undertaken after FAW or EFAW certification, or at the same time.  When taken together, this is often referred to as FAW+F and EFAW+F.


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