Health & Safety for Managers


Learn how to reduce risks to the health & safety of your employees by establishing an effective management system that also comply with UK regulations. 

Health and Safety for Managers

DURATION 45 minutes

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Health and Safety for Managers

This Health and Safety for Managers course outlines UK Laws & Regulations.  The UK is one of the safest places to work.  As a result, both injuries and fatalities at work are among the lowest of any country in the world.  The is in part due to effective legislation.

The Health & Safety Act require business to reduce hazards ‘so far as is ‘reasonably practicable’.  The Management of Health & Safety regulations 1999 add some specific duties the main one being risk assessments.  There remains in legislation for many workplaces a wide space for interpretation.  So as with most things a balance is required.

Currently in the UK managing health and safety is not fashionable.  Often we apply over zealous interpretation of regulations causing frustration, unnecessary expense and inefficiency.  The UK Health & Safety Executive themselves have noted this as a problem themselves.

This course offer a common sense, balanced approach to the application of health and safety in your business.  So you’ll know how to strike the right balance, which means keeping co-workers safe, staying compliant, and remaining efficient.

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Course Objective

Provide a clear understanding of practical steps (not over the top) that will keep your employees and the public safe and healthy while at work.

On completion of the Health & Safety for Managers course you will know:

  • The purpose of H&S management and its costs – both human and financial
  • The UK and EU laws and obligations
  • What the reasonable H&S policies & procedures are
  • How to undertake a Risk Assessment
  • How to continually monitor and improve systems

Course Content


We begin by introducing what health and safety (H&S) management is and why it is a good idea.  Then outline the fundamental principles of effective H&S management in the workplace.


You need to control risks to staff and the public from your commercial activities. To achieve this, first you need to understand the risks to staff and then take appropriate steps to control them.  So, in UNIT 2 we explain sensible risk management approaches, what common workplace hazards are and how they differ from risks.

We also explain the risk assessment process, which underpins all effective safety management and relevant legislation.


Most accidents are preventable by putting in place common sense prevention measures.  In this unit, we think about the potential costs of accidents, root causes of accidents and common types of accident.  This thinking helps determine the appropriate level of resource to safety measures controls.


Health & safety measures are worthwhile on moral and financial grounds.  Legislation places duties on employers and employees too. In unit 4 we explain all the key legislation relating to health & safety so you understand what is required.


Management of health and safety is an ongoing process that will require periodic refinement as your business evolves.  In this 5th unit you will learn how efficiently monitor and review your procedures so ongoing improvement can be made.

Who is this course for?

The person responsible for health and safety in small businesses or low-risk environments.

Also, in larger businesses the course is helpful for all employees who have responsibility for managing others.  This is because responsibility for safety is delegated down the line management chain.   So, an awareness of a managers responsibilities is crucial.  


The Health & Safety for Managers certificate is emailed on successful completion of the course.   This requires 80% or more in the final 15 question assessment.  Which can be retaken as often as required.

The certificate includes CPD Credits, date and unique code that can be verified here.




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Further Information

We mentioned earlier that the UK is one of the safety places in the world to work.  In fact, through 2018/2019 the fatality rate was 0.45 per 100,000 workers.  While the global average is of fatalities at work is 11 per 100,000 workers.  The EU average being 2.8.  In the US the fatalities rate was 3.5 her 100,000 workers.  However, 40% of the US statistics include fatalities due to motor vehicle incidents.  In the UK, a fatal road accident while driving for work does not appear in workplace health & safety statistics.  

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