Health and Safety for Managers


This Health and Safety for Managers course develops the knowledge required to manage safety and reduce risks to staff.

Duration 45 minutes

RoSPA & CPD Accredited

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Health and Safety Training for Managers |  In the UK, managing health and safety is not fashionable.  Safety managers have a reputation for over zealous interpretation of rules which can often be frustrating and inefficient. 

But, the UK is one of the safest workplaces in the world to work, with an accident fatality rate of 0.45 per 100,000.  The global average is around 11 per 100,000.  

So, in terms of accident management at least, safety managers in the UK are doing something right.   In large part this is due to effective legislation, training and the common sense approach of the UK Health & Safety Executive.  

Course Objective

This Health and Safety for Managers online course provides an understanding of the legal obligations and fundamental principles of safety management.  

The objective is to provide an understanding of the basic and practical steps (not over the top) you should take in order to keep you employees safe and health while at work

On successful completion of the Health & Safety for Managers course you will know:

  • The purpose of H&S management and its costs – both human and financial
  • The UK and EU laws and obligations
  • What the reasonable H&S policies & procedures are
  • How to undertake a Risk Assessment
  • How to continually monitor and improve systems

Managing Health and Safety Accrediitation




Course Content

Module 1 | Health and Safety Management

What is H&S management?

Key elements to a successful management plan

Why is H&S management a good idea?

Module 2 | Risk Management

What is risk management?

Sensible risk management

H&S policy

Importance of H&S procedures

Risk assessments


What is competency?


Module 3 |  Accident Prevention

Definition of an ‘Accident’

Workplace accidents

Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions

Cost of accidents

Visible/hidden costs

Module 4 | UK and European Law

The Health and Safety at Work Act

Employer responsibility

Directors and managers

The management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations

Module 5 |  Monitoring & Review

Monitoring and reviewing a H&S Management System

Safety committee

H&S inspections

Accident Investigation Training

  Office Safety  |  First Aid  |  IOSH Managing Safety  |  Move More at Work  |  NEBOSH General Certificate  |  NEBOSH International Certificate

Ideal For

All staff with health and safety responsibilities in small businesses or low risk environments such as offices.  

In larger businesses the course is idea for all employees who have responsibility for managing others.  This is because responsibilities for safety are delegated down the line management chain so an awareness for line managers of these responsibilities is crucial.  


HSE Management Certificate


On successful completion of this Health and Safety for Managers course, candidates are emailed their completion completion certificate.   This requires achievement of 80% or more in the final assessment. 

Benefits of echo3education Health and Safety for Managers course

  • Accelerated Learning – 45 minutes 
  • Complies with UK legislation HSE Act 1974
  • Instant digital certificate on successful completion
  • Opportunity to purchase additional printed certificate
  • Complementary training record back-up from echo3education

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