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With driving safety professional Vicky Lovell this online Defensive Driving course teaches you to become a better driver.  The training is designed to reduce risks to you, any passengers & other road users.

DURATION | 35 Minutes

Defensive Driving Accreditation

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Defensive Driving Course Online  | Defensive Driving is a proactive mindset where hazards are anticipated rather than simply reacted to.   By adopting a defensive driving mindset we make the roads safer for us, our passengers and other road users.

In this interactive course, advanced driving expert Vicky Lovell explains how to become a defensive driver.  She then takes us through 4 commentary drivers to reinforce the lessons from the course.

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Learning Outcomes

  • What Defensive Driving is
  • Why it is important
  • How to adopt a defensive driving mindset

Defensive Driving Course Content

  • What is Defensive Driving?
  • Why this course is important for you
  • Introducing C.O.A.S.T
  • What affects concentration?
  • Observation exercise
  • Commentary drive (video)

Ideal For

All those who drive.  You, or someone you manage, may not have undertaken any further driving instruction since passing the initial driving test, despite driving likely being the most hazardous part of the working day.  Safer drivers mean lower risks to you, your employees, their passengers, other road users and your brand.

Defensive Driving Certificate

On successful completion learners (or a designated person) will be emailed their certificate when 70% or more is achieved in the final 15 question assessment.   This assessment can be retaken if required.

The certificate will include a date, verification code and earn the learner 4 CPD credits recognisable by many professional bodies.



What is a commentary drive?

You should always ‘Plan and Scan’ the road ahead. Blue light drivers train by commentating on what they can observe. A commentary as you drive along – either in your head or out loud – helps to shut out any distractions, and focus on the task of driving.

Try this the next time you are behind the wheel, and become a more advanced driver.

What is C.O.A.S.T?

C.O.A.S.T. is a useful way to remember the components of defensive driving

Through CONCENTRATION drivers can OBSERVE hazards and features on the road.  Then, ANTICIPATE risks and adjust their SPEED appropriately.  So, they have TIME to react safely.

C – CONCENTRATION: e.g. focusing on driving as a task in itself

O – OBSERVATION: e.g. road signs and markings

A – ANTICIPATION: e.g. being proactive not reactive

S – SPACE: e.g. allowing enough space between other road users

T – TIME: e.g. provided by travelling with a safe following distance


  • 40 minutes of instruction led by Vicky Lovell
  • Final assessment to evidence learning
  • CPD-accredited certificate: 4 CPD credits
  • Bulk licence discount
  • Zero Carbon Product
Carbon free training

Offset certificate


US & UK companies must report workplace injuries and fatalities.  In the US reports must include road-related accidents.  Whereas in the UK employers do not need to report road-related accidents (exemption RIDDOR 14(3)).   In part this accounts for the UK workplace fatality statistics being so much lower.  

For example, there were 3.5 fatalities per 100,000 workers in the US (2018).   In the UK the current fatality rate is 0.45 per 100,000 workers.  But, 40% of the US figure comprises road-related deaths while travelling for work.

A lack work-related road accident reporting in the UK means potentially, not enough resource is directed towards the safety of drivers by UK employers.  Relative to the risk.  

In 2018 1,784 people were killed in UK roads.  Is impossible to know exactly but assuming 30% of these fatalities were as a consequence of commercial activity then the true UK workplace fatality rate rises from the reported 147 in 2018 to well over 600.

It is critical that employers consider their role in improving road safety.  Vehicle maintenance plays and important part.  But so too does driver training.  This online driving safety course provides an effective way to improve the safety of your drivers.


Vicky Lovell is the Director of Arrive Alive Ltd with 30 plus years of experience reducing driving risk.  She has also appeared as the driving expert on BBC’s Driving Academy.  And, in 2012 she was part of the Team who won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for Driver Education.


E: [email protected] | Tel: 0131 661 8253


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