Working from Home

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Created for all staff who work from home, this online course provides an awareness of all the health & safety issues related to working from home that employers should be communicating to home workers in order to keep staff safe and comply with health & safety regulations. 

DURATION | 30 minutes

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Working From Home course


This online Working from Home course is important because employers have the same duty of care to home workers as they do all other employees.
The online Working from Home course aims to provide both employers and employees with clear and relevant information about home working and health & wellbeing generally, and also with specific reference to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  
While beneficial for lots of reasons, home working also presents various challenges.  These include for management and supervision, communication, and numerous diverse working environments.  
The number of employees now working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented, and on a global scale.  For many staff, this massive change to working practice will have happened abruptly.  It may be their first experience of working in the way, and against a background of  wider concerns about health, loved ones and the future.
At the same time as helping employers meet their obligations to staff, Working from Home provides employees with useful and reassuring information they can use to work safely and effectively from home, now and into the future.   
If you wish staff to complete their own risk assessment as part of Working from Home,  you can purchase this alternative version of the course.

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Course Objective

To provide staff, their managers and employers with the relevant information they need to successfully manage risks to health and wellbeing linked to working from home.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of the different types of, and reasons for, home working.  Includes reference to essential home working and COVID-19 crisis.
  • Understanding the pros and cons of working from home, both for individuals and their employer.
  • Appreciation of the legal duties of employers and staff as regards home working, including the extent of an employer’s obligations.
  • Understanding the main risks to physical and mental health from working at home, and how these can be addressed. Includes coping with stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

Course Content

  • introduction
  • types of home working
  • benefits & challenges
  • legal duties
  • stress, mental health & wellbeing
  • safe use of DSE
  • fire & electrical safety
  • slips, trips and falls
  • first aid
  • quiz


At the end of the online Working From Home course there is a 10 question, multiple-choice quiz.  If learners demonstrate their understanding of course content by achieving a minimum score of 70%, we’ll email them their completion certificate.  If learners score less than 70%, they can revisit any part of the course and retake the quiz until they are successful.



Work from Home Training includes

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Other Information

This course provides general information about working from home, and is mainly aimed at staff performing low-risk activities such as office work.
If you have any queries about your organisation’s specific home working procedures, please contact your employer for more information.
UK Health & Safety guidance – HERE



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