Accident Investigation


This Accident Investigation course develops the knowledge need to investigate accidents and near-misses at work.

Duration Approx. | 60 minutes

CPD Accredited

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Accident Investigation Course Online | If an accident occurs, simply blaming individuals sustains the myth that accidents are unavoidable when in fact the opposite is true.  Accidents at work don’t need to happen.  

Carrying out your own investigations is a critical part of monitoring your HSE performance and operating a system of continual improvement. 

The discoveries from an effective investigation will illuminate ways to make work safer.

Learning Outcomes

| How to gather evidence

| How to interview witnesses

| How to draw correct conclusions

| How to report accidents

Accident Investigation CPD badge

Course Content

Section 1 | Accidents and Near Misses

Accident / near miss causation

What is a near miss?

What is an accident?

Iceberg Illustration

Bird Triangle

Section 2 |  Investigation

Why investigate?

Accident and near miss investigation

Developing a plan

How to investigate

Interviewing a witness

Conducting an investigation

Section 3 | Accident Causation

Immediate causes

Basic causes

Lack of control

Writing the report

Taking remedial action


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  • Accident Investigation Course
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Ideal For

  1. The responsible health and safety person within your business.
  2. Any employee who may be required to undertake accident/near miss investigation.
  3. Any employee who submits reports under RIDDOR.


Accident Investigation Certificate


Successful completion of the Accident Investigation training requires delegates to achieve 80% or more in the final 20 question assessment. At this point they receive:

| An emailed PDF self-print certificate from echo3education with verifiable completion code.

| Digital Badge – share your success on Linkedin

What’s included in this Accident Investigation online course?

| 60 minutes of  online learning 

| CPD-accredited: 2 CPD credits

| Emailed certificate (£5 for posted version)

| Quizzes to reinforce what you’ve learned

| 12 months unlimited access


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Further Information

What is the difference between an accident and incident?

An accident results in injury and damage.  An incident includes events where injury or damage could have occurred but luckily did not.  So the term ‘incident’ refers to both ‘accidents’ and ‘near-misses’. Specifically, an incident can be defined as: “Any work related event(s) which an injury, ill health, fatality or damage to a plant/ equipment/ environment occurred or could have occurred”.

What is an accident?

An accident stops the normal course of events and causes property damage or personal injury, whether it is minor, serious, or fatal. It is an unplanned, unwanted, but controllable event which disrupts the work process and causes injury to people.

The key here is the word ‘controllable’. While everyone can agree that accidents are unplanned and unwanted, the idea that they are controllable might be a new concept. They are often predictable and preventable. They don’t have to happen.

Should near-misses be investigated?

Yes, whether an incident causes injury is usually a matter of chance.

This is why it’s vital to treat all incidents as an opportunity to learn.  Understanding the causes can help us all take action to stop such an accident, incident, or near miss from happening again.

Encourage others to report all near misses, incidents, accidents or equipment damage.  As well as building a realistic picture of the likelihood of an injury occurring, reporting everything will give us a greater insight into any hidden problems.

Why take Accident Investigation Course Online?

Research suggests effective board leadership can deliver a 5 – 10% reduction in workplace accidents and ill-health.  Other HSE research suggests 70% of accidents can be attributed to management failure at some point along the chain.

An effective investigation requires a methodical, structured approach to information gathering, collation and analysis. The findings of the investigation will form the basis of an action plan to prevent the accident from happening again and for improving your overall management of risk.

Fundamentally, this course will help learners adopt a systematic approach to determining why an accident or incident has occurred and the steps which need to be taken to make sure it does not happen again.