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Online Defensive Driving course providing the knowledge needed to adopt the proactive mindset t0 help make roads safer for all.  60 minutes. 

Defensive Driving course

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Defensive Driving courseThis Defensive Driving course online introduces the mindset of Defensive Driving.

Defensive drivers have a proactive mindset which means they can anticipate incidents rather than just reacting to them.

Consequently, those driving with a defensive mindset are at a lower risk of risk accidents.

If your staff driver for work its is likely the most dangerous part of their day.  In fact, 137,012 casualties were recorded on UK roads in the 12-months to June 2022.

Employers have a duty to take appropriate steps to protect employees from injury at work.

In this online Defensive Driving training course, Vicky Lovell takes participants through the principles of defensive driving, culminating in 4-commentary drives that reinforce these lessons.

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Course objectives

The Echo3 online Defensive Driving course equips learners with the essential knowledge for safe, responsible driving.

The learning outcomes specifically cover.

  • Proactive decision-making on roads. Learn techniques to think ahead, so you can perceive potential incidents before they happen.
  • Hazard awareness. Understand the various risks from driving in rural, urban and motorways.
  • Understanding traffic laws and regulations.
  • Develop accident-avoidance techniques and cultivating a defensive mindset to anticipate and react to potential risks.
  • Learners understand the importance of maintaining focus, minimising distractions, and managing emotions while driving.
  • Develop strategies for navigating challenging road scenarios, and avoiding collisions through proper manoeuvring and spatial awareness.
  • Additionally, the course often emphasises the significance of courteous and cooperative driving behaviours, fostering respect for all road users.

Ultimately, successful completion of an online defensive driving course will empower individuals to confidently apply these lessons, promoting a safer driving experience for themselves and others on the road.


Who is this course for?All employers who have a duty of care for staff and wish to prioritise safety and responsible driving within the minds of their employees.

In addition, commuters, professionals, and even experienced drivers will find value in learning advanced Defensive Driving techniques to prevent accidents, handle emergencies, and navigate various road conditions.

Anyone seeking to enhance their driving skills should consider an online defensive driving course. Particularly new drivers, individuals seeking insurance discounts, those with traffic violations, and generally anyone wanting to refresh their driving knowledge.


Echo3 course content

  • What is Defensive Driving?
  • Why this course is important for you
  • Introducing C.O.A.S.T
  • What affects concentration?
  • Observation exercise
  • 4 x commentary drives (video)

You can view the Defensive Driving course flier here.


On successful completion of this online Defensive Driving training learners will be emailed their CPD-certificate.

The CPD-accredited Defensive Driving certificate demonstrates an individual’s commitment to ongoing professional development, evidences the quality of the content and helps employers demonstrate due diligence.

Successful completion requires participants to achieve 70% or more in the final 15 question assessment.

The Defensive Driving certificate is valid for 3 years.

Defensive Driving Certificate


  • Led by Vicki Lovell, award winning driver trainer
  • Learn anywhere with an internet connection
  • Verifiable, CPD-accredited certificate
  • Course administration and reporting dashboard
  • Support with administration
  • Carbon neutral training solution

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Blue light drivers train by commentating on what they can observe.

A commentary, as you drive along, either in your head or out loud, helps to shut out any distractions and focus on the task of driving.

You should always ‘Plan and Scan’ the road ahead the commentary forces you into this mindset.

Try it the next time you are behind the wheel and become a more advanced driver.


C.O.A.S.T. is a useful way to remember the components of defensive driving.

C – CONCENTRATION: e.g. focusing on driving as a task in itself

O – OBSERVATION: e.g. road signs and markings

A – ANTICIPATION: e.g. being proactive not reactive

S – SPACE: e.g. allowing enough space between other road users

T – TIME: e.g. provided by travelling with a safe following distance


In the UK employers do not need to report road-related accidents(exemption RIDDOR 14(3)).

This in large part accounts for the UK workplace fatality statistics being so much lower than the US.

  • In the US there were 6 fatalities per 100,000 workers (2022).
  • In the UK there were 0.45 fatalities per 100,000 workers (2022).

But the US workplace fatality figure includes deaths while travelling for work.

Because road deaths at work are not reported in the UK and this potentially means, not enough training budget is directed towards driver training by UK employers, relative to the risk.


At 60 minutes you may wish to combine the Echo3 Defensive Driving course with other accredited training.

For Delivery or Van drivers we offer Van Driver Safety.  This course covers additional safely topics like vehicle checks, manual handling and safe loading and unloading.

The online Winter Driving course covers additional safety topics like, low light driving, slippery conditions and route planning.

For those transporting Hazardous Substances we offer the online Dangerous Goods course which covers the legal requirements transporting dangerous goods by road, sea or air.


contact Echo3If you have any questions about this online Defensive Driving course, please email [email protected].

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