Van Driver Safety


Online Van Driver Safety course providing the knowledge needed to work safely as a van or delivery driver.  Accredited certificate emailed on successful completion.
Duration 50 minutes
Van Driver Safety
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Van Driver CourseOnline Van Driver course designed for all van and delivery drivers.  The course provides the knowledge van drivers need to keep themselves, the public and your businesses reputation safe.

There are around 4.1 million vans in use on Britain’s roads, driving a staggering 50 billion miles a year and making up 16% of all vehicular traffic.  However, vans account for less than 1% of road accidents.  So relatively speaking vans are safely driven.

But still statistically, driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people undertake.

So, if you have employees who drive vans for work in addition to maintaining roadworthy vans you have a responsibility to ensure they receive appropriate training.

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Course objectivesWhen the Van Driver Safety course has been completed participants will understand.

Legal Requirements.  Laws and regulations governing van driving, van maintenance, pre-use checks, speed limits, loading and unloading will be understood.

Hazard Awareness.  Enhanced awareness of potential road hazards such as weather conditions, traffic scenarios, and road obstacles.

Vehicle Maintenance.  Learning will know the importance of regular maintenance practices including van pre-checks to ensure optimal vehicle performance and safety.

Overloading.   Instruct on securing and handling cargo to prevent accidents or damage.

Driver Health and Well-being.  The Van Driver training addresses delivery driver fatigue, stress management, and way to improve general well-being for safer driving practices.

Economical Driving.  How to drive a van to maximise fuel efficiency and save money.

We also offer drivers an online Defensive Driving course that develops a proactive approach to safe driving.


Echo3 course contentUNIT 1 – The Law

In the first learning unit we cover your legal responsibilities.  To yourself, employer, and the public.

UNIT 2 – Vehicle Pre-Use Checks

In this second learning unit, we will demonstrate how to correctly carry out ‘pre-use checks’, discuss which parts of the vehicle need to be checked and explain what you need to look out for when checking.

UNIT 3 – Driving Best-Practice Behaviours

In this third unit we detail how to be an excellent driver.  This means driving in a way that anticipates hazards, so the driver has plenty of time to react to any dangers.  It also means understanding the latest rules.  For example, leave at least 5ft or 1.5metres of space when passing cyclists.

UNIT 4 – Delivery Best-Practice Behaviours

In this fourth unit we cover how to deliver goods professional.  This means unloading in the right places.  Demonstrating good customer service and care for the employer’s reputation.  For example you will learn the difference between Red Routes and Clearways.

UNIT 5 – Assessment


At the end of the online Van Driver training course is a multiple-choice assessment.

Where learners demonstrate their understanding of course content by achieving a minimum score of 80%, a completion certificate is issued by email.

If a learner scores less than 80%, they can then revisit any part of the course and are offered the opportunity to retake the quiz until they are successful.

A Van Safety certificate is then emailed to your account for retention within your training records.

VAN SAFETY Certificate


Echo3 LogoThe Echo3 online Van Driver training platform offers a number of benefits.

User-Friendly Interface.  Intuitive design for easy navigation and use by learners of varying technical abilities.

Accessibility.  Enables learning from anywhere with internet access, accommodating diverse schedules and locations.  The course can be accessed on desktop or mobile devices.

Simple Administration.  Learners can be enrolled with or without emails.  We can create a custom administration workflow that fits your needs.  Certificates are emailed and stored online for your records.

Progress Tracking.  Provides tools for monitoring learner progress, assessment results, and course completion rates.

Responsive Support.   Echo3 offer responsive customer support for learners and technical queries.

Cost-Effective.  Echo3 offer value safety solutions that reduce training costs associated with traditional in-person courses.

Carbon Negative.  Echo3 training is carbon negative.  Using our Delivery Driver training can reduce your businesses carbon footprint.

Carbon Negative


  • Helps to meet duty of care responsibilities.
  • Reduced incidents
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved van resale value
  • Reduced running and maintenance costs
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Improved reputation of your brand


You can drive a van economically by adopting these 6 tips.

  1. Correctly inflated tyres offer less resistance on the road, increasing fuel economy and improving handling.
  2. Don’t drive too fast. Fuel costs increase the faster you drive, so keep speeds reasonable.
  3. Smooth braking will save fuel & reduce stress on you, the vehicle & your load.
  4. Using the engine to brake provides a smooth reduction in speed, and saves fuel.
  5. Use the handbrake for hill starts
  6. Don’t idle your engine is stopped for more than 1 minute.


contact Echo3If you have any questions about this Van Driver Safety course online, please email us at [email protected].