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Gain the knowledge needed to work with display screen equipment safely.

Duration Approx. | 45 minutes

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DSE Training course online Ill-health symptoms that are associated with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) including musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) (upper limb disorders; back pain); mental stress; and visual fatigue.  MSDs (bone, joint or muscle problems) are by far the most commonly reported work-related illnesses in Great Britain, with over 1 million people affected.

DSE refers to PCs, Laptops, tabets and smartphones.  Collectively they are the most common form of work equipment.  

Clearly the risks to any individual, from DSE use is relatively low.  However, due to the large number of workers exposed, even though the risk is low, improper DSE use makes up a big part of working days lost in the UK each year.

So since 1992, employers have had legal duties to reduce the risk of the associated symptoms occurring.  One requirement is for employers to provide appropriate training for staff. 

Aim of the DSE Training Course 

Provide the staff with an understanding of risks associated with DSE use and knowledge of safe working practices such that the risks are avoided.  

Help employers efficiently comply with the 1992 DSE regulations (amended 2002).

What you will learn

| How to undertake an effective DSE risk assessment of a workspace

| The symptoms of ill health resulting from poor posture

| Understand the risks to eyesight and how to reduce

| How to set up a workstation correctly including glare and lighting.

DSE training online

CPD Course Number

DSE Training Course Content

Section 1 | What is Ergonomics?

Section 2 | Causes of Ill Health from Improper DSE use

Injuries at work, Statistics, Common Injuries

Section 3 | Risk Assessment Introduction

What is a DSE risk assessment?, Risk analysis, Risk Factors

Section 4 | Equipment at your Desk

Section 5Your Work Environment

  • Online DSE Training
  • DSE eLearning Course
  • DSE Training
  • Ergonomic Design

 Health and Safety for Managers  |  Move More at Work |  Office Safety  |   Fire Safety


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Ideal For

All ‘DSE Users’.  Meaning all staff who use DSE equipment each work day for an hour (or more) at a time.


DSE Training certificate

DSE Training Certificate

| Successful completion requires achieving  over 80% in the final short 20 assessment.

| At the point candidates are emailed their verifiable echo3education completion certificate

| The assessment can be retaken as many times as required.

| An optional posted version of the certificate can be purchase separately at checkout.

What is included with this Display Screen Equipment Training course?

Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset

| 12 months unlimited access to content

| Certificate emailed on completion

| CPD Accredited – 3 Credits

| Complies with the training requirements of the 1992 DSE Regulations

| The energy used to create and deploy this course is offset

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Why take the online DSE Training course? 

The Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 aim to protect the health of people who work with display screens.

Main duties on employers are:
2. Ensure that employees take regular and adequate breaks from looking at their screens.  See; Move More at Work
3. Provide an eye test to employees if requested.
4. Provide DSE users with adequate training.

A high proportion of display screen equipment (DSE) workers report aches, pains or eye discomfort. These aches and pains are sometimes called Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs, which can include a range of medical conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Tendonitis. Muscle & Tendon strain.

Most of these conditions do not indicate serious ill health, but it makes sense legal, moral and financial sense for employers to take reasonable steps to avoid them.

This short 40 minutes course is design to provide a reasonable option for employers.

Who are DSE users?

Anyone who uses DSE equipment (PCs, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones), daily and for more than an hour at a time is classed by the Health & Safety executive as a DSE user.  This definition holds true, so the employers duties apply, even when employees are mobile workers and/or work from home.