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Dropped Objects online course educates participants on the hazards and consequences of objects falling from height in the workplace.  Increasing awareness and reducing risk.  20 minutes. 

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DROPPED OBJECTS online courseOnline dropped objects course providing the knowledge needed to reduce the chance of dropped objects.

Dropped objects are a significant hazard in many work environments particular in the construction sector and those working at height.  The law requires that hazards must be properly controlled which will include staff training.

The Echo3 Dropped Objects course equips participants with essential knowledge to recognising, assessing, and mitigating hazards associated with dropped objects.

Understanding preventive measures, such as proper tool tethering and effective barriers, is vital for creating a safer workplace.

The course emphasises the potential consequences of falling objects, ranging from injuries to damage of equipment and facilities.

By completing the Dropped Objects training, individuals enhance their ability to implement proactive safety measures, creating a safer working environment.

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Course objectivesThe learning objectives from the Dropped Objects course include

  • Understanding the principles of risk assessment for dropped objects.
  • Recognise real-world scenarios leading to falling objects.
  • Know the potential consequences of falling objects, ranging from injuries to damage of equipment and facilities.
  • Greater awareness of securing tools and equipment through proper tethering techniques, utilising barriers or other containment methods.
  • promotes skills in identifying and mitigating risks associated with falling objects.
  • Equip participants to contribute to a safer work environment by implementing effective measures to prevent dropped objects and minimise the potential for injuries or damage.


Echo3 course contentThe content of the Dropped Objects course include

  • What are dropped objects?
  • Where do dropped objects occur?
  • Dangers from dropped objects.
  • Incident Examples
  • Dropped Objects Risk Management
  • Worksite Design
  • Reducing and preventing the impact of dropped objects 7.
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Employee responsibilities


At the end of the Dropped Objects course is a 15 question, multiple-choice quiz aimed at reinforcing and testing individual learning.

Where the learner demonstrates their understanding of course content by achieving a minimum score of 80%, a completion certificate is issued by email.

If the score is less than 80%, learners are offered the opportunity to revisit any part of the course and retake the quiz until successful.

The verifiable, certificate is then emailed to your account for retention within your training records.

A posted certificate is available for £9.

The Dropped Objects certificate is valid for 3 years.

Dropped Objects certificate



Who is this course for?The Dropped Objects course is recommended for;

  1. Construction Workers: Those involved in construction projects where tools and materials are used at height.
  2. Everyone Working on Elevated Platform.
  3. Oil and Gas Industry Workers. Employees involved in drilling, extraction, and maintenance activities on oil rigs.
  4. Warehouse and Logistics Staff. Those working with storage and retrieval systems, loading and unloading materials, or operating cranes.
  5. Utilities and Telecom Workers. Employees working on utility poles, cell towers, or other elevated structures.
  6. Transportation Workers. Those involved in loading and unloading cargo, securing loads, or working on elevated platforms.
  7. Manufacturing Employees. Workers in manufacturing plants where the risk of dropped objects exists.
  8. Riggers and Scaffolders. Professionals involved in rigging activities or erecting scaffolding.
  9. Safety Officers and Managers. Individuals responsible for ensuring workplace safety and implementing safety protocols.
  10. Anyone Working at Height. Individuals who work on ladders, scaffolds, platforms, or any elevated workspaces.


Echo3 LogoTaking the Echo3 online Dropped Objects course offers several benefits, especially in industries where safety is a top priority, specifically.

  1. Safety Compliance
  2. Risk Reduction
  3. Simple Administration Included.  Echo3 offers a variety of ways to enrol your staff and store their certificates. Email us with any specific questions ([email protected]).  We’re sure we can find a solution that works well for you.
  4. Flexibility and Convenience.  Online training offers the flexibility to learn at one’s own pace and convenience. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or those who cannot attend in-person training sessions.
  5. Great Value.  At Echo3 we strive to offer the best value online training.
  6. Documentation of Training.  Completing the training results in the issuance of a Dropped Object certificate. Training records are required by the Managing Health & Safety Regulations 1999.
  7. Carbon Negative Platform.  At Echo3 we offset our carbon footprint. Meaning by choosing our platform you also reduce your businesses carbon footprint.
  8. Promotion of a Safety Culture.  Participating the Dropped Objects training can contribute to fostering a safety culture within an organisation. When employees are well-informed about safety measures and take them seriously, it creates a safer and healthier work environment for everyone.

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contact Echo3If you have further questions about the Echo3 online Dropped Objects course please email us at [email protected].