Electrical Safety


This online electrical safety course is designed to raise awareness of risks posed by electricity and highlight best practice to keep you and colleagues safe. 

Duration | 45 minutes

Electrical Safety Accreditation

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Electrical Safety Training Online | Electricity is one of the most widely available forms of energy.  Yet the same power that makes life easier is dangerous and occasionally even fatal.  Danger comes not only burns due to electric shock or exposure to arcing but also from fires due to faulty equipment or incorrect installations.

Electricity at Work 1989 regulations required employers to do everything ‘reasonably practicable‘ to protect people from harm.  So, you do not need to take action if it would be grossly disproportionate to the level of risk.  But, electrical safety precautions are often very cheap, eg having sufficient plug sockets.  Consequently, some simple steps must be taken. 

Develop your understanding of the risks and the steps you can take. 







Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise electricity as a hazard and increase awareness of associated risks
  • Provide understanding of how electricity works
  • Highlight sensible policies for those using electrical equipment
  • How to deal with an electric related accident

Course Content

UNIT 1 | Dangers

Firstly, we highlight why electricity needs to be recognised as a risk at work.  E.g. Appliances, wiring & fires.  Remember, for some, taking electricity for granted can mean they forget the dangers.

UNIT 2 | Electricity explained

Secondly, we provide basic foundation knowledge on electricity is created.  Following this we explain other elements.  E.g. conductors, insulators and circuits.

UNIT 3 | Electrical safety

Thirdly we explain a few basic safety rules.  E.g. using the right equipment for the job.

UNIT 4 | Emergencies

Finally, should something go wrong, we explain best-practice actions to take.

Ideal for

  • Office managers
  • Safety professionals
  • Fire Wardens
  • First Aiders
  • Facilities mangers

Why take the Electrical Safety online training course?

Electricity can kill or seriously injure.  Either, directly or indirectly.  E.g. fires.  Therefore it is vital to manage the risks of electricity.  In addition to increasing awareness of the risks.  This electrical safety course also explains simple precautions to take when working with electricity.  Therefore, reducing risks to you and colleagues.

Further information about electrical safety at work can be found here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/electricity/


Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

On  completion of the Electrical Safety Training candidates are emailed a CPD accredited certificate.  This requires the achievement of 80% or more in the final 15 question quiz.

The quiz can be retaken as often as required.

Basic Electrical Safety Tips

  • Make sure staff understand how to use the electrical equipment properly
  • Have enough sockets are available.
  • Ensure sockets are not overloaded
  • Clear any trailing cables
  • Switch off and unplug appliances before cleaning or adjusting them
  • Stop using equipment that appears to be faulty

Electrical Safety course includeszerocarbontraining

  • CPD-accredited – 3 credits
  • Final assessment to evidence learning
  • Emailed certificate (£5 for posted version)
  • Help to assign courses to staff
  • 12 months access
  • Zero Carbon product

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