Warehouse Safety


Injuries in warehouses are over 3X higher than the average for all industries.  The Warehouse Safety course educates staff how to work safety in warehouses.

DURATION | 40 minutes

Warehouse Safety Training

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Warehouse Safety Training

Warehouse operations present many extra hazards to workers compared to most workplaces.  For example, slips & trips, heights,  manual handling injuries, vehicles, falling objects, machinery, hazardous substances among others.

Consequently, injury rate in warehouses is 3 times higher than the average across all industries!(1)

If you employ warehouse staff they must receive appropriate training(2) in order to understand and reduce chance of accidents from theses hazards.

This warehouse course is designed to provide a convenient way for employers to assigned and record appropriate training has been provided.



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Course Objective

This warehouse safety course is designed to provide anyone who works in a warehouse with an overview of safety considerations.

The objective is to reduce the risk to you and colleagues.  By providing the knowledge you need to work safely.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion participants will have a good understanding of:

    • Legal responsibilities
    • Various sources of hazards in a warehouse.
    • Safety measures to be followed while working in a warehouse environment

Course content


Firstly, we highlight the course learning objectives, highlighting the importance of taking seriously the topic of warehouse safety.


While working in warehouses, employers and employees both have duties with respect to health & safety.  These duties are outlined in this second section.


Thirdly, we briefly outline the main causes of warehouse injuries.  Providing an awareness for staff of where particular vigilance is required. 


Finally, we detail best-practice process and behaviour that help keep yourself and colleagues safe.



Ideal For

This Warehouse Safety course is ideal for all employees working in or visiting warehouses.


At the end of the online Warehouse Safety course there is a 15 question, multiple-choice quiz.  If learners demonstrate their understanding of course content by achieving a minimum score of 80%, we’ll email them their completion certificate.  If learners score less than 80%, they can revisit any part of the course and retake the quiz until they are successful. A posted certificate is available for £6.

The certificate remains valid for 2 years.

online warehouse safety course



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Why take the Warehouse safety Course?

Every warehouse exposes workers to a unique combination of hazards that both individually and together have the potential to injure workers.  For example – Heights, Chemicals,  Noise, Strewn objects, Dropped objects and vehicles.

By providing staff with an awareness of these hazards and highlighting best-practice behaviours this online warehouse safety course helps improve behaviours and reduce the chance of an incident in your warehouse.

This is because unsafe behaviours increase the chance an incidents.  For example;

  • Improper use of forklifts
  • Improper stacking
  • Horseplay
  • Inadequate fire safety provisions
  • Improper Personal Protective Equipment
  • Repetitive and/or heavy lifting

Educating staff about warehouse safety is a preventive measure that helps business meet the requirement to take ‘reasonably practicable’ steps to keep employees safe.  The certificate enables you to evidence appropriate training has been provided as required by regulations.

Warehouse Safety Tips

The UK Health & Safety executive has created a guide to safety in warehouses(3) which you may find helpful.  You may also wish to consider;

RIDDOR statistics show Slips & Trips are the most common cause of ‘serious injury’ in warehouses.  Manual Handling accounts for 45% of ‘over 3 days injuries’.

So, with regards to Slips & Trips;

  1. Firstly, ensure flooring doesn’t become contaminated.  E.g. ensure sensible packing of materials.
  2. Secondly, when contamination does happen, deal with it immediately.  Ideally by cleaning.  Signs should be only a very temporary measure.
  3. Thirdly, keep floors and traffic routes free from obstructions
  4. Fourthly, using correct footwear can help reduce slips
  5. Next, if possible install slips resistant flooring.  Prioritise steps.
  6. Furthermore, adequate lighting can help reduce slips

With regards to Manual Handling;

  1. Firstly, try to avoid the task first
  2. Secondly, supply mechanical aids
  3. Thirdly, provide task specific training
  4. In addition, encourage staff to suggest improvements



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