Online Health and Safety courses

Echo3education offer a range of accredited online health and safety courses the provide the knowledge your staff need to keep themselves and colleagues safe and healthy at work.

Our online health and safety courses also help show businesses have complied with regulations.

CPD Accredited courses online

Benefits of our online health and safety courses;

  • Our focus is only on health, Safety and environmental content. – So you can be assured we know our stuff
  • All key courses are accredited. So you know they contain all the right information
  • Courses can be access on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. So your colleagues can learn anywhere and anytime they have an internet connection.
  • All online health and safety courses can be simply assigned to colleagues in moments – so you can be sure they have the knowledge they need when they need it
  • After every course a PDF certificate is emailed to the learn – so staff can evidence that they have completed required training
  • You can track progress, send completion reminders and download certificates – So if you manage the training you can easily get certificates with chasing staff yourself.
  • We offer a great service – so you won’t have to wait long if you have any questions.


More benefits of online health and safety courses

Our online health and safety courses provide your staff with an understanding of various workplace hazards and how to reduce their associated risks. 

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘innocent until proven guilty’.  health and safety law actually works in the opposite way..  Employers who incur a workplace accidents will be considered liable until they prove themselves innocent. 

‘Innocent’ in this context means having in place systems of work that have lower the risk to staff to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

In practice this requires;

1.  Writing a health and safety policy

2.  Timely risk assessments are undertaken

3.  Appropriate steps have been taken to reduce risks

4.  Documenting these steps

A big part of taking appropriate steps will be providing staff with training and showing that they have completed and understood this training.  Hence we provide clear, quick courses, that check appropriate knowledge has been attained and certificates are included.

Popular online health and safety courses

In the UK specific regulations define more presicses steps that must be taken including mandating training.  It is where specific regulations exists that online training is particularly popular in helping to meet regulatory requirements.

All our most popular online health and safety courses are CPD accredited.

1. Fire Safety & Fire Marshal Training

Both these courses align to training requirements within the Fire Safety Regulations.  At around 60 minutes they provide an understand of how to prevent fires and what to do if a fire does occur.

2. Accident Investigation

Learn how to investigate accidents and near misses effectively.  This way you will know how to make your workplace safer going forward.

3. Working At Height

Learn the principles of working at height safety.  Around 30% of workplace fatalities result from falls.  Employers have a duty to provide employees with appropriate training so they can work at hight safely.

4. Food Hygiene Level 2

For anyone who works preparing or serving food.  Food poisoning is a serious risk to consumers and business reputation.  Learn the principles of cooking and keeping food safe to eat.

5. First Aid At Work

Learn how to respond appropriately to a first aid emergency at work.  Taking the right steps in the crucial time before the emergency services arrive could safe a live.

6. Asbestos Awareness

If breathed into the lungs asbestos can be extremely dangerous.  So regulations state that anyone who works where asbestos may be present must take appropriate training like this.

6. Bloodborne Pathogens

If you work where blood could be spilled like a tattoo parlour or in healthcare it is important to know how to keep yourself safe from Bloodborne Pathogens.

8. Defensive Driving

In the UK many of us get frustrate behind the wheel and drive aggressively.  This is dangerous.  Defensive driving is a safer mindset where hazards are anticipated rather than simply reacted to0.

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