Needlestick and Sharps Injuries

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Needle stick and Sharps training course | Occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis B, C and HIV exists in every job where needles are present.  
Employers have legal and moral duty to assess risks and ensure appropriate control measures are present which include providing training to staff. 

COURSE OBJECTIVE | Reduce the incidence of infection to blood borne pathogens by provide the knowledge needed for managers and staff to create a safe working environment where needles and/or sharps are present.

Section 1 | The risks

What are needle stick and sharps injuries?

What are the risks?

Who is at risk?

What are the typical injuries?

How do they occur?

Section 2 | Safe Use

Regulation Overview

Employer and employee responsibilities

Best practice to reduce/eliminate your risk

Section 3 | What to do in the event of an injure

Primary Action

Secondary Action

Reporting the incident

Benefits of echo3education Needlestick and Sharps course?

  • Accelerated Learning – 30 minutes
  • Helps compliance to Health & Safety Regulations
  • Instant digital certificate on successful completion
  • Complementary training record back-up from echo3education
  • 12 months unlimited access to materials.

Ideal for

Nurses, physicians, surgeons, laboratory workers, dental and medical personnel, and students in clinical training are considered high risk categories and as such must receive training.  Contractors to healthcare employers who may dispose of sharps or clean where needles are present must also receive training.

Business such and beauty, tattoo parlours, general cleaning companies may also wish to consider this course for their staff.  Training to raise awareness of how to avoid the common causes of infection is on way to reduce the risk to your staff.


On successful completion of this Needlestick and Sharps eLearning course candidates receive an echo3education completion certificate, available as a PDF for immediate download.  This requires achievement of the required passmark during the final assessment.

Further information

Many professions require the use of needles and sharps.  In healthcare the Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013 detail specific actions that must be taken to keep staff safe.  The Sharps regulations also apply to contractors working for healthcare employers.

Those employing staff in tattoo, beauty and other industries that use needles are still required to assess the risks and ensure effective control measures such as training are in place.

The most common Bloodborne Pathogens that employees are at risk from are hepatitis B, C and HIV.  The Bloodborne Pathogens course described these viruses in more detail and provides guidance on how to safety clean blood spillages and other potentially infected materials (OPIMs).  This course complements the needle sticks and sharps training for those working in environments where blood spills could occur.

What to do if you injure yourself with a needle? (From NHS’s Common Health Questions Section)

  1. Encourage the wound to bleed, ideally by holding it under running water
  2. Wash the wound using running water and plenty of soap
  3. Do not scrub the wound while you’re washing it
  4. Do not suck the wound
  5. Dry the wound and cover it with a waterproof plaster or dressing
  6. Seek Medical Advice.  (You may need a blood test).

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