Working At Height


This online working at height course provides the knowledge staff need to work at heights safely. 

Duration | 50 minutes

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Working at height safety awareness training is a vital part of every safety management system in all businesses that employ staff to working at height.  Serious and even fatal injuries as a consequence of incorrect working practices are still all to common,   Falls from height accounted for 28% of fatal injuries and 7% of non-fatal injuries in the UK (16/17).  



  Ladder Safety  |  Manual Handling  |  Warehouse Safety


Raise awareness of the hazards of working at height and provide the critical knowledge to work at height safely.  

PLEASE NOTE: This Working at Height eLearning course has been designed for those requiring fall protection.  For those working at height but not using harnesses or fall protection our Ladder Safety awareness course is recommended. 


UNIT 1 | Before Working at Height

UNIT 2 | Rescue & First Aid

UNIT 3 | Working at Height – Ladder Safety


Everyone who works at height, or who supervises work at height.


Working at height course


On successful completion of this Working at Height training, candidates will be emailed an echo3education self-print completion certificate.

This requires achievement of 80% in the final 20 question assessment.

Candidates can retake the quiz as often as required.


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Falls from height is the biggest cause of workplace fatalities accounting for 28%  (RIDDOR 2012-17).  In 2016/17, 25 fatalities occurred that were associated with working at height in UK workplaces. 

Remember: Working at Height means working in any places that a person could fall a distance and it is liable to cause personal injury.  For example, you are considered to be working at height if you are: 

  • Working on a ladder, roof, scaffold, platform, etc.. 
  • Somewhere where there is a possibility you could fall through a fragile surface 
  • Working in an area where there are potential risks such as openings and holes in the floor.

It is therefore vital that you as employer, and any employee in control, make sure work is properly planned, supervised and carried out with competence.

The Health and Safety Executive (2014) defines working at height as ‘any place where, if there were no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury’. As an employer, you have an obligation to ensure that any employee who works at height has sufficient skills, knowledge and experience.

For further legislative information and guidance visit (external link):

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